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About Us

Accelerate is a listed Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) with a portfolio of 62 high-quality properties across South Africa

A sectorally and geographically diverse portfolio

Committed to shareholders, tenants and communities


56.0% of portfolio
26 properties


26.7% of portfolio
20 properties


14.3% of portfolio
7 properties

Nodal strategy

We maximise the fund value by developing properties that enhance value for the whole area

Asset management

Optimise income and capital growth for shareholders by growing our asset base, with a strong retail bias

Offshore strategy

Long-term single-tenant properties in select Central and Eastern European countries

Property management

Ongoing investment to maintain and upgrade our properties

Financial management

Our fund is diversified to actively mitigate interest rate risk

Accelerate Property Fund is a Real Estate Investment Trust (REIT) listed on the Johannesburg Stock Exchange. We offer investors the opportunity to share in a quality portfolio in South Africa.




601,506 m²

Property Portfolio Value


Our Values

To be accountable for our actions, to be consistently fair to others, and to be truthful and respectful

To be reliable, approachable, sensitive to the needs of others, open and honest

To be trustworthy in our dealings and interactions with all stakeholders

Strategic Pillars

Enhancing returns on our assets

Growing our quality portfolio

Optimising our funding

Delivering value to stakeholders

These core values are supported by:

To channel our skills and abilities into innovative and efficient outcomes that we deliver with energy and professionalism

To work together in an entrepreneurial spirit, sharing information, knowledge and resources towards achieving our individual and overall organisational performance objectives

To be committed to our respective jobs, customers and other stakeholders by delivering beyond expectations, quality, punctuality and efficiency

To be the most valued and respected company in the South African property sector by focusing on the business of tomorrow but not at the expense of the business of today or the communities in which we operate

Who we are &
where we operate
Nodal Strategy
Strategic objectives
Investment case
Employee relations
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