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Strategic objectives

Accelerate’s vision is simple – to be the most valued property fund on the JSE. To realise our vision, we implement a clearly defined strategy with strategic objectives to provide the roadmap. We pride ourselves on our evidenced delivery against strategy and continue to make great strides in meeting our objectives.

Focusing on strategic nodes has proven key to our success. We continue to strengthen our current strategic nodes through development.

Short-term strategy

Accelerate Short Term Strategy
Accelerate Short Term Strategy

Our short-term strategic priorities are focused on anchoring the portfolio and positioning it for future growth. For more detail on how we have achieved this in the past financial year, please see our Annual Report.

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Medium- to long-term strategy

Enhancing returns on our assets by redeveloping and upgrading properties

Our portfolio is underpinned by quality assets as part of our strategy to maximise returns for stakeholders.

Investing in quality property assets

  • 65,7% of tenants are qualified as A-grade by revenue (listed or large national tenants)

Concentrating on existing strategic nodes and creating new ones

Total investment per strategic node:

  • Fourways, Johannesburg: R5,7 billion
  • Charles Crescent, Sandton: R463 million
  • Foreshore, Cape Town: R1,4 million
  • George, Western Cape

Maintaining our retail focus

  • Maintained retail bias with 68.0% of the portfolio constituting retail property by revenue

Offshore diversification

  • Offshore exposure is 8.9% of the portfolio by revenue

Diversifying our funding while proactively managing interest rate risk

  • 82,8% of debt hedged
  • Weighted average swap maturity of two and a half years
  • Funding diversity:
    • 32,2% financed through debt capital markets
    • 66,8% financed through four banks
    • 8,4% blended interest rate
    • LTV ratio of 39,0% (40,7% including offshore)

Investing in long-term quality and growth

  • Delivering on the Fourways Mall Development
  • Balance sheet optimisation
  • Sweating the existing portfolio

Maintaining tight control on property expenses

  • 15,9% cost-to-income ratio 

Delivering on tenants’ expectations

We treat our tenants as valued shareholders and continually work towards maintaining and upgrading our assets to support them.

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