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COVID-19 Updates

Situation and Updates

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What you need to know as a tenant


Accelerate Property Fund is committed to contributing to the prevention of the spread of COVID-19 and complies fully with the measures announced by Government.

Our key priorities remain the health and safety of our employees, tenants, customers and suppliers, thus safeguarding the integrity and future sustainability of our tenants and properties, and supporting our communities and all other stakeholders.


We have ensured that our hygiene and cleaning methods are top-of-mind, and have arranged for extra staff to provide sanitation services during the lockdown period. We have implemented enhanced deep cleaning and sanitizing measures in all our properties, with special focus on frequented common areas. All cleaning products and practices adhere to the Government guidelines.

Operational Outlets

We are aware that it will be necessary to visit certain outlets to obtain essential goods. These are the stores which will remain operational, as per The Lockdown Directive:

  • Pharmacies and other medical
  • Banks
  • Essential financial and payment services
  • Food retailers


Fewer entry points into our shopping centers are accessible in order to more securely manage the entry and exit of personnel and customers into our buildings, and the appropriate signage has been placed at all necessary points.

We emphasize the importance of practicing social distancing when you enter a public space. Please maintain a distance of at least 1.5 meters between yourself and all other persons.

We are actively managing the new increased risks that this global pandemic presents to all our businesses and to the present operating environment.

Additional Resources

Helpful measures established by the South African Government to assist the economic shocks of COVID-19 for small, medium businesses and individuals.


The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF), help for households that are in debt, and a relief fund for businesses that may have their operations affected by the virus.


The South African Revenue Service will also fast-track the payment of employment tax incentive reimbursements from twice a year to monthly to get cash into the hands of compliant employers. Additionally, businesses that are tax compliant and have an annual turnover of less than R50-million will be eligible for a delay of 20% of their pay-as-you-earn liabilities for the next four months. They will also be eligible for a delay in their provisional income tax payments without penalties or interest over the next six months.

Solidarity Fund

Ramphosa said that the government will be spending money to save lives and support the economy. He said that the government has contributed R15-million to the new Solidarity Fund. The fund, which will be co-chaired by renowned South African businesspeople Gloria Serobe and Adrian Enthoven, will help to fight Covid-19.

Businesses, organisations, individuals and members of the international community are able to contribute to the fund.
Phone: 012-646-4300

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